ActivTek products

EcoBox – a small device, huge benefit.

The device cleans the air at home and in the offices effectively. In the result, we have clean, fresh air, free from bacteria and allergens- just as after the storm.

Eco Box offers many benefits:
• it eliminates up to 99.99% bacteria (including E-coli), viruses and allergens;
• it removes unpleasant smells– including smoke;
• it keeps constant microbiological cleanness of the air;
• it is safe for people, animals and environment;
• 3E rule: the device is energy-saving, ecological and economical;
• it has PZH certificate and 2 year guarantee.

Its quiet work does not bother during everyday using. Elegant looks together with a small size make it ideal for every interior. Eco Box is designed for surface < 100 m2.


• flats,
• houses,
• doctors studies,
• hotel rooms.


• power supply/power consumption 220 V, alternating current, 50/60 Hz, 20/30 W,
• dimensions 16,8 cm x 16,8 cm x 18,1 cm,
• weight 0,9 kg.