ActivTek products

DuctStation significantly reduces smells, smoke including nicotine and microorganisms which exist in grocery commonly. It uses patented RCI Technology which is based on ultraviolet rays, photcatalysis reactions contributing advanced oxidation process.
DuctStation is ideal for any type of industrial rooms, freezers, warehouses, or rooms for food preparation.

The researches have shown that using ActivTek devices for cleaning the air contributes to significant reduction of microorganisms in the air and in the surfaces up to 99,99%, including:
• Escherichia coli,
• Listeria monocytogenes,
• Streptococcus spp.,
• Pseudonomas aeruginosa,
• Bacillus spp.,
• Staphylococcus aureus,
• Candida albicans,
• Stachybotrys chartarum.

Devices are not designed to diagnose or treat any kind of sickness.

• meat industry, abattoir, manufacture;
• gardening industry;
• dairy industry;
• isotherm facilities;
• small shops, supermarkets;
• sport facilities, gyms.
• power supply/power consumption 220 V, 20 to 139 W,
• dimensions from 30 cm x 27 cm x 4 cm to 127 cm x 24
• weight 5 – 25 kg,
• steel casing,
• the device is ready to work when plugged in.