Hospitals and health service facilities

Microbiological safety, beneficial for health.

Medical facilities are obliged to provide safe environment for their patients, due to the fact that the sick people with weakened immunological system are prone to dangers of several types. The scientific research has shown, that many problems present in hospitals and medical facilities are caused by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the air. Often the microbiological pollution is introduced into the rooms along with the air. No matter how careful the hospital staff is about disinfection, new bacteria and microorganisms constantly enter the environment, often new kinds of bacteria, which are immune to the contemporary antibiotics, develop. Any infection may prolong the patient’s stay in the hospital, increasing the costs at the same time. Hence it is so important to provide cleanliness and safety at all levels.

 Up to 99.99% of bacteria are eliminated from the air, including E-coli and MRSA.

RCI Technology, on a daily basis, in a silent and friendly way eliminates microbiological pollution, thanks to what the wards may be used safely round the clock:

  • without detrimental effect on people, the RCI Technology quickly neutralizes the microorganisms, even in conditions which are friendly for the bacteria to spread, e.g. in the toilets;
  • without any need to evacuate the people for the period of disinfecting the room;
  • unpleasant and harmful smells are eliminated;
  • air quality parameters within the rooms get better.

RCI Technology is an active solution – the activated air reaches all the places in the ward, also those which are hardly accessible. It acts, without any pauses, on surfaces, kills the microorganisms, hence the spaces besides the devices and the beds may be cleaner, without the need of using corrosive chemicals. RCI Technology – Read more.


  • hospitals,
  • nursing homes,
  • doctor’s offices
  • dentist offices,
  • veterinarian offices.