Schools and Kindergartens

Healthy school life - start with pure air

Children need 4 times more air per kg of their body weight than the adults, hence taking care of the air quality our kids breathe is so important. Microorganisms present in the air are not neutral for health, they may pose potential danger, especially for children with weakened immune system.

When selecting a kindergarten not only do you need to pay attention to the offer but also to the hygienic conditions within the kindergarten. It is also important to remember that a kindergarten is a place, where children are in contact with one another all the time, which results in the following situation:

one ill child or one child suffering from cold in kindergarten or nursery = quick absence of several other children.

ActivTek, taking into account the children health, is a leader of the Polish ,,Safe Kindergarten’’ initiativeThe main assumption behind the proposed program is to eliminate the environmental threats that are faced by the children in large groups in the most effective available way. The program is also to provide the most effective protection from viruses, bacteria, mites, mould, fungi and allergens which are the problem of the 21st Century.

The effect of the device operation: clean and fresh air, free of viruses, bacteria, allergens – decreased morbidity among children and significant decrease of the allergy symptoms.

Benefits you get from using our devices

  • elimination of bacteria, viruses, mites and other allergens from the air and flat surfaces such as carpets or table-tops, thanks to which the incidence rate is decreased;
  • elimination of unpleasant smells, such as smell of sweat;
  • they act in a silent and discrete way, without disturbing the children when they are learning or playing;
  • effectiveness confirmed by independent research institutions.