Get rid of unpleasant smells, protect the animals you keep from diseases

Animal raisers and farmers face the problem of odour in the animal breeding buildings. The odour usually comes from the animal excrements, manure and and liquid manure storages. It is especially noticeable close to the farms and animal breeding facilities, facilities which deal with animal slaughter and processing facilities. Along with the odour problem, a problem of airborne microorganism transfer occurs. These microorganisms may be a reason for spread of disease among the animals and the people. Pig and bird flu are one of the most dangerous diseases, which in a very short time decimate the whole breeding, being a reason for significant losses for the owner.

ActivTek devices are helpful here – they effectively get rid of the problems of unpleasant smells and microorganisms.

Benefits you get from using ActivTek devices on farms:

  • preventing the H5N1 bird flu and AH1N1 pig flu;
  • extending the expiration periods of the products, such as plants or cereals;
  • elimination of unpleasant and noxious smells;
  • removing threats posed by the bacteria (E-coli, salmonella etc.), as well as threats posed by viruses and mould spores;
  • providing beneficial conditions for breeding animals and maintaining plantations;
  • decrease of concentration of poisonous gases in animal-breeding facilities;
  • safety for people, animals, plants and the environment – a solution which perfectly replaces the dangerous chemical agents;
  • raising the farm prestige and standards.


  • buildings purpose of which is to keep the animals
  • farms,
  • warehouses
  • plantations,
  • greenhouses
  • halls and cold stores used to store food,
  • waste storage locations