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We offer the quality and the quarantee of clean air. All air cleaners available on the market work passively- but our products are unique in the world and use innovative active RCI Technology!

ActivTek products are exceptional because of active air- what is the most important in the cleaning process. The air is spread in all the room reaching even the most difficult places and eliminates harmful mould, bacteria, viruses and allergens totally.

ActivTek air cleaners unlikely to other available on the market:

  • do not filtrate the air, that is why the air is not polluted again by the device,
  • use nanotechnology to produce active air which:
  • eliminates microbiological dangers (viruses, bacteria),
  • eliminates unpleasant smells,
  • reduces allergy symptoms by allergens, saprophytes, pollen etc.,
  • remove the problem of arising of  polluted air,
  • the air cleaning process can be strictly controlled and designed to user’s needs,
  • the devices can work during people’s presence,
  • they are the most effective on the market; the devices are designed for surfaces to 270m2.




AP 3000,  EcoBox

Devices work  is based on the 3 technologies: 

1. Main – innovative Active RCI Technology– Radiant Catalytic Ionization, which is based on creating superoxide and hydroxide ions by using catalytic effect of radiation on photo-ionization processes of rare metals and noble metals contained in hydrophilic layer of the RCI chamber.

2. Auxiliary – technologies of ionization, which aim at producing ions which remove the air impurities via means of electrostatic precipitation and Molecular activation of the oxygen, which uses light or electricity in order to create controlled quantity of ozone out of oxygen particles. Presence of the ozone has an enhancing impact on air-purifying effect.

    • Air is being purified in every corner of the roomThanks to the active technology, the air is purified not just close to the device, due to the fact that the “friendly oxidizers” carried out of the device via means of a fan reach even the most unreachable places in the room.
    • Elimination of harmful pollutants 

    Removal of particles floating in the air – fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and mites, along with additional effectiveness in removing unpleasant smells, such as cigarette smoke, animal smells and smell of sweat.

    • Fresh air at home

    Using nanotechnology to create active oxygen – thanks to which the air is fresh and refreshing at the same time – similarly to the atmosphere of the forested areas, where there is a lot of oxygen.

    • Built-in control panel, that controls the air purifier

    Capability of setting a proper fan speed and efficacy of purification. The cleaning program may be tailored individually to every user.

    • Silent operation

    The devices are discrete in their operation. They may be switched on at night, without disturbing the sleep.

    • Energy saving

    Beneficial power requirements in relation to the purified area.

    • Proper to be applied in any interior

    Air purifiers are an integral component of interiors of flats, offices, doctor’s  offices, dentist offices, hotel rooms and surgeries. Elegant looks and small dimensions that will make it possible to use the device in any interior. 

Technical parameters:

Technologies included in the devices AP 3000 EcoBox
Main: Radiant Catalytic Ionization
Auxiliary:Ionization, molecular activation of oxygen
Dimensions 30,5cm x 23cm x 30,5cm 16,8cm x 16,8cm x 18,1 cm
Weight 3 kg 0,9 kg
Efficiency Up to 270 m2 Do 100 m2
Control LCD screen, control panel and remote Control panel and remote.
Functions Normal –standard usage
Away mode – increased cleaning process – 2, 4, 6, 8 hours
High Mode– setting which is tailored to the room area.
Normal –standard usage
Away mode  increased purification process (2 hours).


ActivTek Air Cleaners