Hotels and tourist facilities

Comfort of stay at the top level

Rising standards and high expectations of the clients make it impossible not to use more and more innovative methods and devices, which, in a way which is safe for the client, will take care of his comfort and state-of-being during his visit.
The noxious issue which needs to be faced by both the clients, as well as by the hotel owners is the smell from restaurants, toilets, unattended ventilation channels, as well as the cigarette smoke left in the rooms by the guests.
High number of guests is intensifying the process of bacteria, viruses distribution or emergence of mites, which are hard to eliminate. It is particularly dangerous for the people whose immune system is not so effective, or who are prone to suffer from allergies or asthma (and these groups include as much as even one third of the Europeans). That means that symptoms of the diseases are intensified, and complaint about the hotel services is issued. As a result, the client is not going to come to the given hotel anymore. The issue of proper cleanliness and hygiene is also taken into account by the parents travelling with children, who take care of safe conditions of stay for their children.
It is worth to address your clients, by offering modern solutions which raise the comfort of their say that would result in good opinions and returning customers.

Our devices, in a natural way, provide:
• elimination of unpleasant smells, such as cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, sweat etc.;
• removal of microbiological threats: viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi, allergens;
• decrease of disease probability in densely populated areas;
• maintenance of in-depth cleaning process of the mechanical ventilation system, which raises the quality of the air inside the rooms;
• increased breathing comfort, so important in case of persons suffering from allergy or asthma.
Result: fresh and clean air and better atmosphere for the guests and the employees.


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