Increase the comfort of your life - always breathe some fresh air!

Quality of air inside your home has an impact on comfort and health of the people living in it. In order to provide proper air circulation and exchange, homes are more and more often equipped with a mechanical ventilation system or heat recovery ventilation systems.

However, the ventilation system does not provide high quality of air, due to the fact that every element of such system gets dirty in the course of operation. Dirty filters, ventilation channels and humidity-temperature conditions inside the system are a very good habitat for the disease spreading microorganisms to develop. Toxic fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and allergens – these may be easily found among the microorganisms which enter the rooms, along with the inflow of air. They have a detrimental effect on health of the people who are indoors.

ActivTek devices are to be used in the mechanical ventilation systems or in rooms – in their stationary variant.

Benefits you get from using our devices

  • immediate improvement of the air quality;
  • elimination of harmful fungi and mould;
  • elimination of: bacteria, viruses, allergens and mites;
  • removing unpleasant smells, including the cigarette smoke;
  • precipitation of dust and pollen from the air;
  • maintaining microbiological purity of the ventilation channels, which significantly reduces the costs related to usage of the channel system;
  • better state-of-being and significant decrease of the allergy symptoms;
  • elimination of the sick building syndrome.


  • houses,
  • flats.