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Allergy season – how to protect yourself at home?

For over 12 million Polish people spring and summer are the hardest time in year. Runny nose, tears in the eyes or cough are more and more bothersome symptoms of allergy that influence our mood, bad sleep and lower efficiency. An allergy sufferer is exposed to many exterior factors especially pollen of grass and trees. During everyday activities such as drying the laundry in the fresh air or airing the flat allergens enter the inside and cause our bad mood. Allergy symptoms usually are stronger at night because of saprophytes which are in bedclothes, beds or carpets. The problem is serious because it concerns mainly children!

It is worth taking care of ourselves and our family so that we can enjoy the most beautiful months of the year.

We encourage you to visit the bookmark- air cleaner- to see how simple it is to provide yourself with comfort at home (especially for allergy sufferers).


Air cleaners

„A sick building syndrome”- the problem of 21st century.

We spend over 80% of our life in domestic environment- in a flat, at work, in closed buildings. It is important to understand that conditions inside often have a greater influence on human organism than the outside world. It was noted that many people have some specific symptoms which are more intense while at home, in the office or other closed space. World Health Organization prepared a list of such symptoms and described this problem as “Sick Building Syndrome”. Current knowledge about SBS allows to differentiate the most common reasons of health problems of people living in “sick buildings” and they are: biological factors (mould, microorganisms), harmful substances, radiation, limited air exchange inside and users’ lifestyle dangers.

Sick building syndrome in office

Ventilation cleaning

Ventilation and air-condition systems are supposed to provide clean air, free from pathogenic factors and make comfortable microclimate. Warmth and humidity in ventilation canals are ideal conditions for toxic mould or bacteria and viruses. The only way not to breathe harmful dangers from the air is to keep ventilation system clean. Currently it is not necessary to use dangerous detergents or hire a company because we can offer canal devices which provide clean and fresh air. Moreover, they keep ventilation canals microbiologically clean.

INDUCT- channel-mounted devices